World Cat Day


Hi. Today is World Cat Day. Like many of you, I never even knew such a day existed!

I am told I live in a ‘country’ called the ‘U.S.’ (…See flag.) This makes me see how many of you can be fiercely territorial just like many of us! (After all, it’s my roommates’ turn to live in the closed room, nearby, due to my anxiety issues. It’s all a work-in-progress.)

Anyhoo, no one can say for sure, but a lot of us animals, like, already brought into this here world have compassionate and considerate, fellow caretakers. Others, unfortunately, do not. Some of us have compassionate societies – like in Switzerland, where not many cats occupy shelters and are able to live out their years should they never be adopted. While many other societies, like this one, are, themselves, still a work-in-progress.

So, I am asking that you all take the time to be better animals to us, each other, and most importantly, to yourselves. After all, even though I myself, here, can be quite articulate, you humans are supposed to be smarter than us.



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